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Thread: Portege R700 protected by unknown BIOS password

  1. Portege R700 protected by unknown BIOS password
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    Jun 2013
    Can anyone help with this problem.

    At our site we have approx 300 of these laptops and they are all bios protected.
    Recently had a problem where when inputting the bios password and it says its incorrect even though its the standard password we use on all our laptops. The user also confirms they didn't set a password...

    Is it possible for the bios to somehow have become currupted (the machine was experiencing blue screens before) or how can I factory reset the bios password.

    Before anyone says yes we own the machince and can prove it!

  2. Re: Portege R700 protected by unknown BIOS password
    Maybe it sounds stupid but I think you should clarify this with nearest Toshiba service provider.
    I use Toshiba notebooks for years now and I know for sure that Toshiba doesnít sell notebooks with any kind of password or such kind of protection.

    If you have such amount of notebooks maybe there was some special dial about configuration or protection. Anyway, BIOS password removal cannot be theme on such public forum. BIOS password protection is very important security feature and if there is some problem it must be clarified with authorized Toshiba service provider.

    BIOS password cannot be set or changed from alone and, as far as I know, there is no kind of factory reset. I just know that BIOS can be set to default settings. Thatís all.
    Contact nearest Toshiba service provider and clarify this issue.

  3. Re: Portege R700 protected by unknown BIOS password
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    [How to delete a forgotten BIOS Password?|http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB4600PR000JR01.htm]

    +You have to return the machine to a Toshiba Authorized Reseller or Toshiba Authorized Service Provider who will remove the password as a chargeable service.+

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