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Thread: Satellite C660 - Intel HD Graphics update issue

  1. Satellite C660 - Intel HD Graphics update issue
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    May 2013

    sorry for my English level, I'm French

    I have an issue without solution with my Satellite C660 (for the moment i hope!) I downloaded the software google sketchup 8, dedicated to the architecture drawing, but it doesnt work, I always have a bug message informing that it is necessary to update de drivers of the graphic card (According to google support it seems that OPENGL functions should be implemented in the drivers of my laptop)

    So I have downloaded the last available drivers for the configuration I have ( Intel HD graphics for pentium, windows 7 64 bits) ;

    the link ( french website, the one for Intel is not currently available, it is an .exe document)


    I have tried to manually update de graphic card driver with the device manager menu (graphics card > update the drivers button> manual file.exe selection ), but at the end there is no update, I only have a very quick message informing that windows has determinated that the drivers are already updated.

    Actually there is no changes on the drivers (still the same date of the pilotes 28/07/2010 in the graphics card properties) and sketchup is still out of work

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Re: Satellite C660 - Intel HD Graphics update issue

    What C660-xxx do you have exactly?

    If you have an Intel graphic card, you should download the driver directly from the Intel website.
    There you should find the latest driver version

  3. Re: Satellite C660 - Intel HD Graphics update issue
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    May 2013

    Thank you for the reply, the type of the laptop is the C660 2RG with windows 7.

    Regarding the Intel HD graphics I've tried to download it directly in Intel website but the appropriate file (name Intel HD graphics for Intel Pentium and Celeron Processors with Intel HD Graphics) is not available, when you click on itn you have a displayed screen which propose to scan you laptop in order to determinate your needs
    But even with this function you have at the end a message telling that the configuration is specifically done by the laptop builder and no action could be taken.

    To run the application Sketchup i need, the driver must support the OpenGL components (usually available in the graphics cards driver, but it seems that Toshiba configuation has been done without it)


  4. Re: Satellite C660 - Intel HD Graphics update issue
    Thatís not good. I have checked the Intel page and indeed the driver isnít available anymore :(

  5. Re: Satellite C660 - Intel HD Graphics update issue
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    May 2013
    Actually I have a driver downloaded in the website (link in my first mail) it is a file.exe. But I haven't be able to.set up in the laptop. i tried manually with the device manager menu but the update is obstructed by the system (message telling that the driver version is already updated, or other message infoming that the configuration cannot be changed

  6. Re: Satellite C660 - Intel HD Graphics update issue
    You will need an driver package contaning the ini and dll files in order to install this via device manager... executive exe package does not help here...

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