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Thread: Satellite T110 wont load

  1. Satellite T110 wont load
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    May 2013
    My computer is 3 years old. about a month ago when I turned it on it only showed the THOSHIBA logo and a black lit screen (like its waiting to start, but it wont). The support center guided me to unplug the ac adapter and the battery and wait a while, than plug it back in.

    It worked and i left the computer on until I bought a new battery thinking that was the problem (the old battery wasn't charging anymore).

    Everything was ok for a few days since i made sure the new battery will always be full but yesterday i left it without the ac adapter and the battery got completely empty- and now it wont turn on again.

    Please help. tnx

  2. Re: Satellite T110 wont load
    And did you try to repeat the same procedure recommended by service agent?
    Remove AC adapter and battery, wait a while and then connect all parts again…

    Otherwise I don’t think its battery problem since the notebook should also work with plugged AC adaptor.

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