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Thread: Satellite P850 - new WIFI card cannot be switched ON

  1. Satellite P850 - new WIFI card cannot be switched ON
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    Apr 2013
    I have a Satellite P850 with i7cpu and 16gb ram running win 7 home premium.

    The wifi card seemed to give up and as it was a realtek, with no support from their site, not even drivers. I decided to swap it out and installed an Intel centrino advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 dual band mini wifi card I have finally got all the drivers installed but the intel diagnostic keeps asking to turn the mechanical switch for the wifi. I have tried the F12 and FN keys but nothing happens.

    Any Ideas as to how to get this switched on???

  2. Re: Satellite P850 - new WIFI card cannot be switched ON
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    Apr 2013
    You're very proud of that card evident in giving us the entire model number compared to the Realtek whatever that you dismissed.

    Whether Toshiba supports your particular card is a quest for you to determine and I'll get you started by focusing your efforts to the csd toshiba site hosting drivers for Intel WiMax devices:


    I hope you haven't thrown your RealTek away, you will eventually realize a new set of problems and incompatibilities using your Intel Card while RealTek devices whether they're Atheros or RaLink chipsets are superior, flexible and accommodating of manual power adjustment for increased performance.

    Intel's are incapable of such things and overly constrictive and incapable of effective control, just like the mysterious conflict you're having at this very moment.

    The RealTek drivers are already included inside Windows, so are most Intel WiFi cards and these downloads are another layer of issues your forcing upon yourself.

  3. Re: Satellite P850 - new WIFI card cannot be switched ON
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    In my opinion there is compatibility problem. Such upgrades or hardware exchange is not supported. Notebooks are offered with specific hardware platform and offered Toshiba tools and utilities are designed for certain hardware platform.

    Sorry but I think there is nothing you can do about that.
    Replacement with the same card is not problematic.

  4. Re: Satellite P850 - new WIFI card cannot be switched ON

    Just on e question: is your new WLan card recognized in device manager properly and was WLan driver installed correctly?
    Are there any yellow exclamation marks in device manager -> network adapters?

    You should know that not all WLan card are fully compatible due to different pin assignment.
    I read about similar issues in different threads:
    or this one

    For different Wlan card there is different pin assignment.
    In some cases the pin 13 or pin 20 needs to be covered to enable the WLan

    I have no idea if it’s the same case for Intel WiDi… but I though it might be interesting for you…

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