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Thread: Freeze on Satellite L855-11K

  1. Freeze on Satellite L855-11K
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    I have a Satellite L855-11k (PSKACE). The problem that I have with the laptop is the continued lag.

    Explain examples:

    Playing a game that does not ask many specifications, CS (counter strike 1.6) I can not play, because I'm playing +70 fps and suddenly when turning the camera or move through an area, the fps drops to 0, and blow less than 1s going back up to 70fps. No internet problem, the same thing happens offline.

    Another example are the videos, like youtube for example, a 480p video to my laptop I would have to move smoothly, but devez then the image freezes (the audio keeps playing) and I can not see anything. After 1 to 2 seconds veulve itself. But this is very annoying. (Same thing happens to 320p, 720p or 1080p). With vlc nothing happens this, but as I see the video I can not do anything more.

    Also I've noticed that with any program when you save a document, picture ..... , It costs more than laptops with less power.

    Additional Information: I have windows 8 x64 (with windows 7x64 was the same), and I added a 4GB module more, so I have 8GB (1600MHz) ram. All the download drivers from the toshiba website [http://www.toshiba.es/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=ES]. I've also noticed that when I copy something to the hard drive THROUGH USB 3.0 port for a short period time 4-7s going at high speed 40MB / s, but then drops to 1-3Mb / s.

    And finally in the windows device manager, I see the Blast graphic processor (intel grafics 3000HD) (having intalled the drives from toshiba website).

    Finally, I tested all modes of power windows, Balanced, Economy, Powerfull ... and activating and deactivating the system refrigeration policy.

    That I can serult all this lag and freeze?

    PS: I've also noticed that the laptop FAN 30% does not rise, although the pc is at 90 º +!.

  2. Re: Freeze on Satellite L855-11K

    The notebook supports the AMD Radeon™ HD 7670M.
    Therefore the hardware specifications are good enough to play games smoothly or to watch full HD videos.

    In your case I recommend checking the BIOS version. Maybe there is an newer BIOS version which needs an update… furthermore try to update the ATI graphic card driver…

    Additionally I recommend checking the HDD for possible malfunction.
    The freeware tool called HDD drive fitness test could be helpful… This software allows you to test the HDD…

    Otherwise i have no other explanation for the mentioned issue... it could and hardware or software related issue.

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