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Thread: Satellite A100-803 - Vista recovery problem

  1. Satellite A100-803 - Vista recovery problem
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    Mar 2013

    I upgraded RAM and HDD on a Satellite A100-803 and when I restore Windows Vista from the recovery disk the process goes fine, but after the reboot windows says that "Windows Setup could not configure Windows on this computerís hardware".

    I think that the problem is the one listed here.
    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2466753/en-us .

    But the problem is that in the BIOS I can't change the RAID setting and during recovery install I'm not able to add the required additional drivers.
    The new HDD is a WD 500GB driver (WD5000BPVT)

    How can I solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Re: Satellite A100-803 - Vista recovery problem
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    May 2011

    First of all I donít think its BIOS problem.
    The notebook does not support RAID.

    I think the problem is your new HDD size. You upgraded the HDD with 500GB and its bigger than the original HDD equipped in A100.

    The point is that a recovery disk creates automatically the partitions on the HDD but due to different HDD size the partitions size would be different too.
    I think you will not have the same problems installing Vista or Win 7 using the Microsoft disk

  3. Re: Satellite A100-803 - Vista recovery problem
    Why this old piece of hardware must be upgraded with newest HDD?
    I also think it is HDD compatibility problem. Use HDD up to 300 GB and I think everything will be OK.
    It has worked on my old Satellite M70 and it will also works on your A100.

  4. Re: Satellite A100-803 - Vista recovery problem
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    Mar 2013

    thanks for the answers!
    I think that the HDD size is not important respect to the partitions because the recovery disk asks for partition size.

    What I should have done is just buy a HDD without advanced format as Terentino states, but I was not aware of the incompatibility.

    I was also somehow unlucky because Vista SP1 already supports advanced format out of the box, but the recovery disk was from Vista without any SP.


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