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Thread: Qosmio G10 motherboard replacement

  1. Qosmio G10 motherboard replacement
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    Mar 2012
    After replacing the original motherboard of a Qosmio G10-120 Win Xp MCE with the official upgrade (FC43S1 A5A001749010 P000454980 board) some problems arose:

    1. Second internal HDD no more seen.
    2. All switch-off "standby/turn off computer/restart" buttons do not take completely effect (desktop quits but manual on/off button keeps to showing blue color and laptop remains active).
    3. Cooling fan always turned on.

    Motherboard upgrade consisted of:

    1. Setting of new board DMI strings (in particular "Model Name" field was set to "Qosmio G10").
    2. Loading of official update tool CD-ROM TCN0000006.
    3. No BIOS nor EC/KBC upgrading.

    Any idea?

  2. Re: Qosmio G10 motherboard replacement
    I’m wondering how you did you update the information in the DMI?
    As far as I know only the Toshiba authorized service provider is able to update the DMI information like model name, version number, etc… using special tools and utilities.

    I googled for the motherboard part number you have posted in your original thread and it looks like this motherboard has been released for Qosmio F15 series.
    So possibly its wrong motherboard…

  3. Re: Qosmio G10 motherboard replacement
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    Mar 2012
    I was advised to get this motherboard by ASP, and tools for DMI parameters updating are available on the web. What I'm looking for is someone who has experienced the same issue, without turning to ASP.

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