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Thread: Satellite C850 - Wi-Fi is not working

  1. Satellite C850 - Wi-Fi is not working
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    Mar 2013
    I have recently bought a new laptop - the Satellite C850 with Windows 8. It has been working fine on my home WiFi but i am working away at the moment and it wont find the network, or any network.

    My phone is connected to the network so I know it is working properly. I have tried down loading a driver update (onto my phone and transferring it across by USB) but that hasn't made any difference.

    I am not very technically minded so any help would be very much appreciated!
    Thank you!

  2. Re: Satellite C850 - Wi-Fi is not working
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    It is not easy to help in such cases. Talk with network provider and ask for some help. Check which WLAN standard is in use. Maybe you must change standard WLAN settings on your notebook.
    In my opinion it has nothing to do with driver but with WLAN settings.

    If you are not familiar with such stuff try to find some help locally.

  3. Re: Satellite C850 - Wi-Fi is not working
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    If your notebook works properly in connection with your WLan at home, then the problem is not related to the driver.

    You should start the new WLan configuration:
    Go to control panel -> network & sharing center
    At the left side click on Manage wireless networks
    New window would open and here you can add a new WLan
    Now configure the new wireless network by adding the right SSID, encryption, encryption password.

    Usually if you did everything correctly, the notebook should be able to connect to new wireless lan.

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