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Thread: Re: Satellite C660-119 - BIOS fail

  1. Satellite C660-119 - BIOS fail
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    Feb 2013

    We have Been having trouble with our battery so tried everything besides updating the BIOS.
    The laptop hasn't had as n updated bios since 2012 anyway.

    So went to Toshiba downloaded the right one. Got to programming block 17 then nothing the system froze.fan stayed on. It was on for a while so had to pull the plug before she overheated.

    So obviously tried firing it up again. Blank screen. LEDs fine. DVD drives spins fans working. And one beep where it detects ram. Tried various combination of keys to no avail. So called tosh support.

    They quoted 187 if they have to reflash and 275 to replace motherboard.
    Now not stating the obvious not paying that I'd rather buy a nee one Lil

    Basically as anyone got ideas how to do it yourself before i surrender on her

  2. Re: Satellite C660-119 - BIOS fail
    I donít think you will be able to fix it but check

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