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Thread: Cannot load Windows 7 - Satellite C660 keeps freezing

  1. Cannot load Windows 7 - Satellite C660 keeps freezing
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    Hi Everyone.

    This is a biggy. I have a Toshiba AMD Vision Satellite C660 / C660D laptop with no Windows installation disc. Last week it became very sluggish, then the interface resembled that of the ‘safe mode’ interface and it finally became completely unresponsive, therefore, via F8 on start- up I selected the option which allowed for it to revert to factory settings (I no longer have this option)

    The DOS screen appeared and started loading as normal then that become unresponsive so I restarted only to see Windows start up for the ‘first time’ and carry on loading, prior to this I had to create a boot cd from my other laptop to reboot the system as I had lost the ‘boot mngr’.

    The last part of the installation process began whereby a white Toshiba screen is displayed with a green progress bar that loads certain drivers (see attachment). There are 39 steps to this process and I seem to remember from before that the computer should keep restarting itself, but it keeps freezing after about two steps. I kept switching it off and eventually the ‘system administrator’ locked my accounts.

    Once again I restarted the PC but this time in ‘safe mode’ The operating system did indeed load in safe mode and I created some new accounts with administrator privileges, however, I am still unable to load the whole operating system as it keeps freezing during the last part of the process.

    I have very limited knowledge of loading operating systems so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Re: Cannot load Windows 7 - Satellite C660 keeps freezing

    First of all it was a big mistake NOT to create an Toshiba recovery disk.
    The HDD recovery which you were able to start by pressing F8, is only possible if the HDD is not faulty.
    I think in your case I think there is something wrong with the HDD because there was an boot mgr notification which means that notebook cannot find an boot manager in order to boot up the system.

    I have no other idea as to try to reinstall the system using the Toshiba recover disk or another Windows 7 disk (of course if you own one)
    If the recovery would fail, you have to investigate what hardware part might be affected. I think in such case it’s needed to start with HDD check.
    Possibly the HDD needs to be replaced. Of course it possible that I’m wrong an other part is affected but at first stage you need to check new OS installation.

    A recovery disk can be ordered here:

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