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Thread: USB Thumb Drive (UHYBS-064GH) format/write protect error

  1. USB Thumb Drive (UHYBS-064GH) format/write protect error
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    Feb 2013

    Hoping for some help.

    Purchased a 64B USB Thumb Drive (UHYBS-064GH), private seller, however item was brand new in packaging.

    When I tried to copy files accross to it, it maxed out at about 45Gig and appears to have caused a write error. I was able to delete the majority of files, however about 5gig of them wouldn't delete (in that they would appear to have deleted, until you refreshed).

    To counter this I tried to 'quick format' the drive (using Windows XP SP3), but the drive was write protected and I am unable to remove it.

    Spoke to a friend who advised I should try a low level format, tried that & it appeared to work, however when I insert the usb the system advises that the drive is not formatted & would I like to format. Upon clicking Yes i recieve the 'write protected' error.

    Ran the issue through the google machine & even tried to change the registy settings, however that also failed.

    So I am hoping that someone out there has a potential solution for me (that doesn't include a large Hammer & some anger management)...?

  2. Re: USB Thumb Drive (UHYBS-064GH) format/write protect error
    Could it be possible that this USB stick is faulty?
    In my opinion you should contact the dealer and should replace it with another one.

  3. Re: USB Thumb Drive (UHYBS-064GH) format/write protect error
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    Feb 2014

    I have just bought the same drive, chances are it is fake.

    Mine when I do write test locks up at about 3997Mb.
    Think you will find yours is the same.

    There is a test here http://betdownload.com/h2testw-961-download or you can find it from other source called H2testw.

    I bet you also have really low write speed say 3-4 kbs and as you say get a write error message.
    Mine came from an aussie seller who I won't name until responds to my Email in fairness to him.

  4. Re: USB Thumb Drive (UHYBS-064GH) format/write protect error
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    Mar 2014
    may be it'is a fake and couterfeited toshiba uhybs-064gh usb flash memory
    look there for more information:

    you will see this:
    "The Toshiba TransMemory 64GB flash drive has been heavily counterfeited for a couple of years. Many come in packages with a nonsensical counterfeiter's typo on the back - "Minimum consumer-usable memory capacity is approximately 7,7.2GB." Toshiba has confirmed that genuine packaging does not have this text."

    and read all the page...

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