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Thread: Satellite R830 and video output through HDMI

  1. Satellite R830 and video output through HDMI
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    Feb 2013
    Just wondered if it's normal for my laptop to output a max of 1280x768 through HDMI to my 26" LCD TV?

    Its a Satellite R830 i3 with hd3000 graphics. I have 8GB RAM. Tried under Windows 7 and 8 but the same.
    Also tried custom resolution but it just says on the TV out of range.

    Mt graphics driver is up to date and I had full hd working on this TV via another older laptop.

    Any suggestions please?

  2. Re: Satellite R830 and video output through HDMI
    I donít know your LCD TV specifications but fact is that external resolution depends on three options:
    graphic card driver, graphic card and the external device connected to notebook/computer.

    So if your TV does not support an higher resolution, you will not be able to choose another resolution.
    If your TV supports higher resolution but the graphic card driver and graphic chip would not support higher resolution, you will also not be able to use it.

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