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Thread: Satellite Z930 - Is Dual screen possible?

  1. Satellite Z930 - Is Dual screen possible?
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    Hi... is it possible on the Z930 to output to two different displays at once? One monitor on the VGA port and another on the HDMI port - each an independant display, extending the windows desktop?


  2. Re: Satellite Z930 - Is Dual screen possible?
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    No, as far as I know you can use either the VGA or the HDMI output.
    To output the video signal to external display, you have to press Fn + F5 and from my knowledge you will get either the VGA or HDMI output.

    If you want to use two external monitors, I recommend using an external Dynadock device

  3. Re: Satellite Z930 - Is Dual screen possible?
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    In the past other people have asked the same question. There is no info that something like this is possible and if someone wants to use several screens connected to the notebook must use some external device.

    Notebook’s GPU is not able to send signal to two different ports. Not even option in FN+F5 exist for something like this.

    Check which external devices are available on the market.

    Toshiba offers Dynadock. Check the specification and maybe it is solution for you.

  4. Re: Satellite Z930 - Is Dual screen possible?
    yes, it's possible... but i am not sure why, yet.
    what works: one samsung s23b550 set at 1920x1080, landscape, VGA and one acer V233H, portrait, hdmi . the laptop display does not work with this set up, which is to be expected as i understand it.

    what does not seem to work: one dell 24" and one dell 27". i can use either one, and the laptop display, but i cannot get both externals to work at the same time. i am not in front of the Dells at the moment, but i know the 27" was set at higher than 1920x1080, and i think the 24" was too, like maybe 1600x1200? anyway, next time i am in front of the Dells, i am going to set them both to 1920x1080 and see if that will work. if not, i might get the port adaptor, and try that. but honestly the 27" looks a bit fuzzy, because (i think) the monitor has a higher resolution than the laptop can support (?)

    I will say with two 23" (the samsung and the acer <my home setup>) it's a really clean set up, and seems to work really well. so much so that if i can't get the 24" and 27" to work with the toshiba (my office desktop setup) then the Dells are coming home and the 23"s are going to the office.

    hope this helps...

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