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Thread: Satellite P875-319 and Second Disk Drive

  1. Satellite P875-319 and Second Disk Drive
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    Jan 2013
    Hello, I have one question. Does P875-319 has slot for second disk drive?

  2. Re: Satellite P875-319 and Second Disk Drive
    I don’t have this machine but remove memory cover and check it alone. This cover should look like L and fixed with one screw. It is possible that there is place where you can put second HDD. It must be between optical disc drive and battery.
    Check it out and post some feedback.

  3. Re: Satellite P875-319 and Second Disk Drive
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    Jun 2009

    Please check this:
    +Toshiba Satellite P870, P875 - Hard Disc Drive Replacement Procedure+

    After the memory slot cover has been removed, you will see two HDD bays.
    There is a primary HDD bay and secondary HDD/SDD bay…

    But not all P875 unit support the HDD controller for the 2nd HDD bay.
    In such case 2nd HDD is not possible… so check if an connector is available.

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