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Thread: Satellite c660 shutdowns after boot (5 min or so)

  1. Satellite c660 shutdowns after boot (5 min or so)
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    Dec 2012
    I have I Satellite c660 with a problem since yesterday it shutdowns after boot (5 min or so)

    the cover on the back is very hot, i think its still under warranty but I rader not use it beceause I cannot mis my laptop very long.

    where can i check the warranty, and is er a way to fix this my self (without loosing my warranty) or something i can try

    I send I mail for info at info@toshiba.be (belgium) but it returns beceause the adres dont exist. :manfrustrated:

  2. Re: Satellite c660 shutdowns after boot (5 min or so)
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    Jun 2009

    I think the notebook shuts down because of the high temperature.
    This would happen to prevent the hardware parts from damage.

    Did you clean the cooling vents in the past?
    Do this using an compressed air spray… this is good tool to get the dust removed.

    I did it many times…it helps to keep the good air circulation.

    PS: if you have some hardware problems with your Toshiba devices, the first contact person is the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country

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