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Thread: Satellite C660-2Q8 does not start with 8GB RAM

  1. Satellite C660-2Q8 does not start with 8GB RAM
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    Dec 2012
    hello i have a toshiba satellite c660-2q8 laptop,

    when i got it it only had 1g of Ram i now have got 8g of RAM for it but as soon as i fit it the laptop starts like normal with the BIOS screen then i get a black screen with a flashing - and thats it.

    After some time it will restart and do it again.
    I have contacted the place i got the RAM it.
    The RAM is right and there said it was the BIOS that needs updating but it is version 1.50 and will not update cos it is up to date if i put the old RAM back it boots fine

    can some one please help

  2. Re: Satellite C660-2Q8 does not start with 8GB RAM
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    Aug 2012
    Itís NOT BIOS issue but the RAM modules are NOT compatible.
    Even if the guys says that the RAM module are right, obviously they are NOTÖ

    The 4GB Genuine Toshiba PC3 DDR3 (1333MHz) Memory Module PA3918U-1M4G should be OK and should work properly.
    Also the Kingston modules are great and provide good quality.

    Cheaper modules might not be fully compatible or would not work properly.

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