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Thread: Satellite L850: Windows 8 error - "PC ran into a problem..."

  1. Satellite L850: Windows 8 error - "PC ran into a problem..."
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    Dec 2012
    Hello there.

    I've purchased an L850 Satellite laptop, have used it for about 2 hours. Next time i booted it up, the error ""Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting info, and then we'll restart for you. (0% complete)" in a blue screen appeared.

    It gave me a couple of options using the F8 key, that did nothing; it only blinked the screen when i pressed the F8 key, or any other F-key for all that matters.

    Changing de Booting options in the bios, i was able to boot up a Windows 7 booteable DVD and to my surprise i found that the hard drive had no partitions...at all (when it should have 2 maybe 3 partitions and some blank space right?).

    Of course, i couldn't also burn the recovery DVDs because i wasn't able to go back to windows, and when i tried to boot from a Windows 8 customer preview DVD, the same error occurred, over and over again.

    I am now using the computer on Windows 7 that i've installed, but i would really like to go back to the original windows 8 copy that came with the computer....or at least being able to install maybe another copy of Windows 8 of my own.

    Should anyone help me, i would really appreciate it.

    Sorry if my English is not good enough, it's not my primary language.

  2. Re: Satellite L850: Windows 8 error - "PC ran into a problem..."
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    I think you have installed Win 7 on the HDD. Right?
    This means that Win 8 is not available anymore… it looks like you could not create the recovery disk containing the Win 8 too… so I see just one option for you to get Win 8:
    You have to order the Recovery disk from here:

    But there is a still one open question: why the BSOD appeared?
    It could be a system problem or an hardware issue but I cannot say for sure what’s exactly wrong… I think that you will need to contact an service if the Win 8 installation would not fix it…

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