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Thread: Satellite C660 won't boot

  1. Satellite C660 won't boot
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    Nov 2012
    the story goes...
    bought a c660 last october 2011 and it failed and was replaced in april 2012 this year.
    it now won't boot into windows - it goes as far as the windows logo but after a period, shuts off and retries.
    won't go in safe mode - it stops at the same place every time and does nothing until the power button is pressed.

    questions -

    hardware or software related?
    will toshiba give a damn or will they say "out of warranty"?

    in my mind toshiba should offer a replacement as a month out of warranty is just not good enough

  2. Re: Satellite C660 won't boot
    On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there.
    My advice: if you don’t have some important data saved on HDD set BIOS to default settings and install OS again using recovery DVD (I hope you have created it).

    Please do this and check if Windows starts properly.

    I cannot say anything about warranty. You must clarify this with Toshiba service provider.

  3. Re: Satellite C660 won't boot
    > hardware or software related?
    >will toshiba give a damn or will they say "out of warranty"?

    Try to reinstall the system once again. If its software related issue, the notebook should work after new OS installation, otherwise its hardware problem.

    If your warranty is valid, the notebook should be fixed free of charge… otherwise you have to pay for the repair.

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