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Thread: Black screen on Satellite C660-2JD

  1. Black screen on Satellite C660-2JD
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    Nov 2012
    I am having a problem with a friends Laptop, windows boots as normal and then after the loading screen everything just goes black with the cursor (arrow) on screen, I can move the cursor around but nothing else can be done.

    Has anyone had this problem before and knows a possible solution for it?
    Thanks for any help

  2. Re: Black screen on Satellite C660-2JD
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    Feb 2005
    >So are there possibilities to return to windows 7?
    Yes. If you have created recovery disc use this disc for recovery image installation.

  3. Re: Black screen on Satellite C660-2JD

    Try to start the notebook in safe mode (while booting press F8 and choose Safe Mode)
    Using safe more you could reinstall the graphic card driver (display driver).
    In case itís just an driver issue, this procedure should help you to solve the black screen problem.

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