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Thread: BIOS recovery on Satellite C660D

  1. BIOS recovery on Satellite C660D
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    Nov 2012

    I recently tried to update my bios (because i got a message from tempro telling my it needed updateing) which has left my laptop C660D effectively dead - blank screen on start up.

    I am in the process of creating a crisis recovery disk and the guidance i have obtained from the net tells me I need to extract the .ROM file from the correct BIOS update for my laptop and add it onto the crisis recovery disk.

    However when I unpack the Bios update for a Tosh c660D I see there are 2 folders, each with 2 .ROM files in them.

    Folder DIS

    BIOS.rom (2048KB)
    EC.rom (128KB)

    Folder UMA)

    BIOS.rom (2048KB)
    EC.rom (128KB)

    The files with the same names in both folders look identifical to one another. but can anyone advise which is the correct ROM I should drop onto the Crisis Recovery Disk

    Many thanks

  2. Re: BIOS recovery on Satellite C660D
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    Jun 2009

    From my point of view its no matter what BIOS.rom file you will take since both looks identical…

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