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Thread: Satellite P755 random shut down problems

  1. Satellite P755 random shut down problems
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    Oct 2012

    I just bought my laptop couple of months ago and haven't really been using it much since.
    So it doesn't have more than 100 working hours.
    Couple of weeks ago I started experiencing this strange problem with random shutting down.

    There is no rule when it happens, sometimes it shuts down after a minute of working and sometimes it shuts down only after couple of hours. It goes to a full software shut down, but sometimes it goes to hibernation instead.

    This happens both when charger is connected and when it's not connected.
    So, using my laptop is currently pretty impossible. Also warranty is not an option for me as I bought it abroad.

    I read somewhere that a person had a problem with power button and that it "pressed" it self automatically, and one more thing that's happening to me is that sometimes laptop powers itself on only by opening lid and not pressing power button at all.

    So, can it be that issue, and if it is what's the best way to fix it?

    So, please help with any ideas or if somebody had the same problem before, I would really like to use my laptop and this way it is impossible.


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  2. Re: Satellite P755 random shut down problems
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    Oct 2012
    I solved the problem, so for anyone who could be experiencing similar problems.

    As I thought it was really up to power button. When I took laptop apart and tried the real power button beneath plastic one, it would someone trigger itself only by slightly touching it and not doing a full press (hearing click).

    So, I guess that little plastic tip on the real plastic button that was touching it slowly constantly would trigger the button randomly and trigger random shut downs.

    Actual solution is that I rasped that little plastic tip from the power button, so it's not touching the real power button anymore. Only thing now is that you need to press power button little deeper to actually turn on laptop (it's more natural now in my opinion).

    Anyway, laptop is working now, it worked without stopping for whole three days.

    When I talk to other people about this fix, nobody believes that it's fixed with rasp.

  3. Re: Satellite P755 random shut down problems
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    Thank you very much for the feedback.

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