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Thread: Satellite C660-2JN PSC1ME BIOS update confusion

  1. Satellite C660-2JN PSC1ME BIOS update confusion
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    Oct 2012

    So I'm overhauling a C660-2JN, part # PSC1ME-01L00KEN, and having installed a clean Windows I got latest drivers for everything and went to check for BIOS updates.

    If you visit the 2JN's page and go to the Driver section there is one BIOS listed: [v1.50-WIN|http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_driver_details.jsp?service=UK&selCategory =2&selFamily=3&selSeries=313&selProduct=6019&selSh ortMod=3010&language=13&selOS=null&selType=null&ye arupload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mod e=allMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country =8&selectedLanguage=13&type=null&page=1&ID=80880&O SID=-1&driverLanguage=42] .
    This is the BIOS that's already installed.

    Now, the confusing bit is if I try to find updates via the ["Update your BIOS" page|http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_bios.jsp?service=UK&banner_id=BIOS_DOWNLO AD_BANNER] it displays two newer results for the C660 -- 1.70 and 2.00.

    I say "for the C660" because the part number of this machine doesn't exist in the bottom drop-down box, so I'm unsure how wide of a search I'm really doing.

    I've extracted all three packages and they all use different flashers and have ROMs of different sizes, so I'm guessing the newer ones are for different spec'd machines, but it'd be nice to know (and, hey, maybe list compatible part numbers for stuff like BIOS's that can brick your machine? I mean, all three even have identical one-line generic descriptions.)

    Incidently, on this machines product page the header says it's discontinued, yet it [doesn't appear in your list of discontinued products|http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/discontinued_models.jsp?service=UK].

    Thanks to anyone who answers my question.

  2. Re: C660-2JN BIOS confusion
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    Oct 2012
    Ah, I found my answers.

  3. Re: C660-2JN BIOS confusion
    Nice ;)

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