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Thread: Qosmio DX1210 wont boot - Bios update failed

  1. Qosmio DX1210 wont boot - Bios update failed
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    Oct 2012

    I tried to do a BIOS update on my DX1210 last night to version 1.5,
    During the update there was a write failed error message and now the system won't boot.
    Is there a way to reflash the bios when a bios update fails?
    I've got all the bios files extracted on to a USB key but I'm not sure what to do to initate a bios recovery?

  2. Re: Qosmio DX1210 wont boot - Bios update failed
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    Aug 2012
    Well, BIOS problems can be solved only by an Toshiba authorized service partner.
    I assume the ROM module where the BIOS is stored, has not been flashed properly.
    The Rom module can be flashed again using an special crisis disk.

    Therefore I see just one real option for you: get in contact with the service guy to get it fixed.

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