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Thread: Keyboard and Touchpad wont work on Satellite L

  1. Keyboard and Touchpad wont work on Satellite L
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    Sep 2012
    This is the second time this has happened to me
    However last time a system restore fixed the problem, this time system restore didnt work.

    I can use my keyboard on startup and in safe mode but that is all.
    I am currently using a USB keyboard and mouse.

    I have tried almost all of the suggestions with no joy. please help.

  2. Re: Keyboard and Touchpad wont work on Satellite L
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    Sep 2009

    There are no many options which could solve this problem.
    It can be a hardware problem or software related issue.

    Can you use the internal keyboard within the BIOS?
    Check this.
    If this would not be possible, I assume the hardware is faulty.

    Additionally I recommend testing the keyboard and touchpad using the factory settings.
    Recover the notebook and check if the keyboard would functions…. Otherwise you will need an helps from an notebook technician in order to replace the keyboard and touchpad

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