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Thread: How to calibrate the battery for Satellite P750

  1. How to calibrate the battery for Satellite P750
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    Apr 2010
    I have a Satellite P750 I seem too having a problem with the battery when it is asleep and NOT plugged in
    It shuts down goes flat in about 3 hours.

    Nothing plugged in except a dongle for the mouse. And it is sleeping there is no display going.
    It is a few months old.. I believe it can be calibrated

    Can someone please tell me how too recalibrate the battery.

    Thank you in advance

  2. Re: How to calibrate the battery for Satellite P750
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    May 2011

    You can calibrate the battery very easily.
    Disconnect the AC adapter and leave the notebook disconnected until the battery would fully discharge.
    Then connect the AC adapter and charge the battery until the battery indicator (LED) would switch to green.
    This should be done and repeated 2-3 times in the row.

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