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Thread: Tecra A7 - upgrade to Win7

  1. Tecra A7 - upgrade to Win7
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    Sep 2012
    I have a Tecra A7 (PTA71A-IEU003) and wish to upgrade to Windows 7.

    On reading the website I find my machine isn't listed as upgradeable. I see
    some people have done this and whish to know if they had any major problems and is machine running ok.

  2. Re: Tecra A7 - upgrade to Win7
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    Feb 2005
    I have also tested Win7 on some older Satellite notebooks and Win7 installation was successful.
    Simply try it. All what can happen is that you will not be able to use some specific Toshiba functions due to missing Toshiba tools and utilities but generally speaking I donít think you should have some big problems.

    Let Win7 search for drivers and what you can also try is to check if you can use some Vista drivers, tolls or utilities.

  3. Re: Tecra A7 - upgrade to Win7
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    May 2011

    Toshiba EU driver page provides all the Win 7 32bit drivers for Tecra A7Ö

    you will need to search in Archive (in Product type choose Archive)

    So from my understanding the Win 7 32bit is supported and drivers are available.
    I installed Win 7 on my old notebook too even though the drivers were no available for the Win 7 and I could install Win 7 and could run it properly.

    Of course some notebook features where special tools were required, did not work, but to be honest this was not really important for me.

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