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Thread: Satellite L500-1V1 What keyboard can I use?

  1. Satellite L500-1V1 What keyboard can I use?
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    Sep 2012

    I have to buy a new keyboard for my Toshiba L500-1V1.
    Could somebody please tell me which keyboards are suitable for Toshiba L500-1V1?

    I have to get it as soon as possible and it seems to be impossible to find an original Toshiba keyboard replacement here in Finland.

    That is why I am wondering if some other brands keyboard (f.ex asus, acer, hp, samsung, lenovo) would suit my computer because they are available in stores?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Re: Satellite L500-1V1 What keyboard can I use?
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    May 2011

    The Satellite L500 supports and is equipped with an standard black A4+10key keyboard.
    Usually keyboards released for other notebook series using the same layout (A4+10key type) should be compatible.

    Furthermore you can always order a compatible keyboard from Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.


  3. Re: Satellite L500-1V1 What keyboard can I use?
    You can buy keyboards for Toshiba notebooks on eBay. I have already bought two of them. Just search everything you can find for Satellite L500 and Iím sure you will find proper keyboard for this notebook model.

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