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Thread: Tecra A2 is not powering up

  1. Tecra A2 is not powering up
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    Aug 2012
    The first three lights come on,when I try to start it . Nothing else happens no noise or anything. I have tried taking battery out,starting with external power only still the same.

    Does it sound expensive to fix.

  2. Re: Tecra A2 is not powering up
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    Dec 2004
    Can you please post a bit more about this machine?
    Have you bought it as used one and now you try to fix it?

    Have you maybe tried to update BIOS and now you have this problem?

    On this virtual way it is not easy to offer exact diagnostic but it doesn’t sound good to me. Maybe is BIOS screwed-up. Repair can be pretty expencive.

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