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Thread: On/Off reaction on each screen Libretto W100

  1. On/Off reaction on each screen Libretto W100
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    Aug 2012
    Hi everyone,

    I've just bought me a Libretto W100 and it's as a dream by far.

    I have a question that I can't find the solution on this forum so far.

    Is it possible to leave one of the screen on/off itself (Only turn on when touching it)

    For example, when reading a document the second screen will be dimmed first and after that it will be turned off. However, when touching the first screen the second screen will be turned on. I would like to leave the second screen off (or the first screen) while only using the another one.

    Hope that there are some people being excited to Libretto W100.


  2. Re: On/Off reaction on each screen Libretto W100
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    Sep 2009

    As far as I know you can just switch between the screens by just tapping the extended function button on the top of the application window.

    You can switch between the dual full screen mode (two screens as one large screen) and the single mode (two screens as separate windows) by using “active window dual”

    And you can switch active window between active window right, left, bottom or top and “ActiveWindowDual”

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