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Thread: 460CDT: memory upgrade won't work properly

  1. 460CDT: memory upgrade won't work properly
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    Sep 2005

    I have 3 memory upgrades for the 460CDT:
    1. KTT500/128 (128MB)
    2. PA2042U (128MB)
    3. PA2040U (32MB)

    PA2040U works without problems. memtest86 without errors after 5 hours. KTT500/128 and PA2042U give me many errors everytime in test 5 [Block move, 64 moves]. The System boots with these memorys and recognice them without error, but windows 98se runs unstable (errors; recistry errors; protection fault a.s.o.) Anybody who can help me ?

  2. Re: 460CDT: memory upgrade won't work properly
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    Dec 2004
    Hi Leo

    As far as I know the memtest is very good and it works with very good precision. If there is some error message in 99% cases the RAM module is defective. Please contact your local dealer and take a new one.

    Donít forget that your unit can handle just with 160 MB RAM. If you want you can also try to make BIOS update.

    Good luck!

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