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Thread: Satellite Pro C660 - BSOD enabling WLan by FN + F8

  1. Satellite Pro C660 - BSOD enabling WLan by FN + F8
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    Jul 2012
    Hi !

    (sorry for my bad english but this is not my first language)

    I have some problem with my Satellite pro c660 (Windows 7 - 64 bits).

    When i want to activate or desactive the wifi (fn+F8).
    I see the wifi goes on but after 2 seconds, i've a BSOD..

    So i search for drivers for my network card (Realtek RTL8188CE) and it doesnt work..
    I search a lot and i found this forum. I find lot of problem of "My fn+(..) doesnt work" and you reply "Try to install VAP". I download this VAP for my computer and just after extract files, i've this message : "Please reboot your computer."
    I reboot and it doesnt work again.. So i try to uninstall VAP but i cant found it on the pannel.

    (I see now the fn+F9 (to de/activate the touchpad) doesnt work.)

    I've TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility ver.

  2. Re: Satellite Pro C660 - BSOD enabling WLan by FN + F8
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    Your message is very confusing…
    First of all I don’t think that missing WLan driver would cause an BSOD.

    From my point of view you’ve got a lot problems with the system… I’m not quite sure if and reinstallation of VAP would solve all your issues and I doubt that this would solce your BSOD problem.

    Therefore I would recommend using the recovery disk in order to set the notebook back to factory settings. If the BSOD would still appear after notebook has been recovered, then I would assume that an hardware issue (probably faulty WLan module) cause this BSOD

  3. Re: Satellite Pro C660 - BSOD enabling WLan by FN + F8
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    I agree with Tony. Doing recovery image installation you will have clean preinstalled OS and with “factory settings” everything should be OK again.

    Recovery image contains all necessary drivers, tools and utilities. It is tested and you should have well working notebook again.

    Ok it is most radical but definitely most effective method to fix all your problems.

    Of course before you do this back-up all your important data.

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