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Thread: Missing BIOS Settings Satellite C660

  1. Missing BIOS Settings Satellite C660
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    Jul 2012
    Hey everyone,

    I use my Satellite C660 Notebook for some music production and I try to get my extern Presonus Audio Interface working. All is well so far except some occasional cracking noises in the AudioInterface. After fixing some things in Windows 7 that were recommended by tech support from Presonus these noises were still there.
    So Tech support then gave me the following advice:

    +"There are some power options that can be tweaked in your BIOS that may be causing the noise you are experiencing.+

    +CPU Settings Section - Intel SpeedStep set to normal.+
    +CPU Settings Section - Turbo Mode set to normal not turbo mode.+
    +CPU Settings Section (if applicable) - Processor Operation Mode will have 3 settings, Normal, Fast, Extreme (??). Set it to 'Normal'+

    +Power Settings: - C1E Support+
    +Power Settings: - C3E Support (if it's there)+

    +Save BIOS and restart.+

    +Typically overclocking CPU's like the iSeries can cause the CPU power to fluctuate causing issues with noise on your audio devices, it is a new find and we are writing a FAQ that will be available on our knowledge base that will have a detailed description on the reasons why this occurs on over clocking CPU's.+

    +Make sure any overclocking settings have been set to normal."+

    *So for the first Time I entered BIOS only to find that none of these settings can be made on this Toshiba Satellite c660.*

    Or can they somehow still be made? Are there tools, programs,...?

    I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks.


  2. Re: Missing BIOS Settings Satellite C660
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    If the settings are not available in BIOS, you will not be able to change it or to appear it within the BIOS.

    Mostly the Phoenix BIOS would be used by different manufacturers but the BIOS is always modified by manufacturers and configured for each notebook series.
    Therefore particular settings are not always available in each BIOS.

    I read in the presonus forum about crackling sound using dual core CPUs.
    One guy could solve this using another USB port.

    So maybe you should test all available USB ports.

    Another option could be the usage of external USB hub connected to external power source…now quite sure if this would help to get rid of such noises but its worth a test.

    Last but not least you could test this with connected and disconnected AC adapter

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