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Thread: Hard Drive Noise on Portege R830

  1. Hard Drive Noise on Portege R830
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    Jan 2012
    Hi all !!

    I've bought my Portege R830 for nearly 6 months and sometimes i hear a small noise coming out of the computer like a small hiss... when pc is processing..

    I think its coming from my HDD ... is this normal in this model?

    Thanks in advance !

  2. Re: Hard Drive Noise on Portege R830
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    Sep 2009
    The HDD creates some noises… also an cooling fan makes a noise…
    Therefore it’s difficult to say what part produces this mentioned noise…

    You ask if its normal???
    Well, my notebook’s HDD creates some noise from time to time… especially it appears while the HDD head is moving…

  3. Re: Hard Drive Noise on Portege R830
    Sounds normal to me.

    The three moving parts in the notebook will make noises when in use.

    The HDD will spin up, make head movement noises, park down.
    The Fan will spin up when the processor and GPU are processing.
    the speakers will obviously make noise when in use, and may hiss if the Microphone playback volume is too high.

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