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Thread: How to remove HDD password?

  1. How to remove HDD password?
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    Password, put your disc. I know, but can not remove the password.
    How can I remove HDD password?

  2. Re: How to remove HDD password?
    Here I am, with the solution...

    1. The HDD password cannot be removed using Security Assist.

    2. Using SETUP BIOS go to the HDD Password section which should be displayed as follows:
    HDD Password
    HDD = Built-in HDD
    HDD Password Mode = USER Only
    User Password = Registered

    3. Tab to the "User Password" field and simply enter the old password and then a new one twice (once to verify) as one would do normally. If you don't want a password, just press "enter" twice

    *Or try this:*

    enter BIOS
    arrow down to HDD Password "Registered" field
    hit <backspace> key
    Enter the existing password then <enter>
    Enter the new password (or leave blank if you donít want a any password), then <enter>
    Respond to confirm by retyping new password (or leave blank - see above) then <enter>

    That's all....

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