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Thread: How to reformat Satellite C660?

  1. How to reformat Satellite C660?
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    Jun 2012
    Hi all

    My C660 is just over a year old & slowing down etc, I thought Id reformat it with the 4 recovery discs I made when I first got it, problem is, for a while now the cd/dvd player doesnt start as soon as a disc is inserted & I have to open it manually. Anyway I put the first recovery disc in & as usual nothing happened, I went to "My Computer" & opened it from there thinking it would start doing what its supposed to, it did nothing but open up & display what is on the disc :-(

    How do I get it to run so I can go through the other 4 discs & make my lappie like new again????

  2. Re: How to reformat Satellite C660?
    Start your notebook and press F12 to enter boot menu.
    When the boot menu is shown on the screen open optical disc drive and put first disc inside.
    Choose CD/DVD drive on teh list and press ENTER button.

    ODD will start to read data saved on the disc and recovery installation should start. It starts with main menu.

    How it looks like you can see on http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD1303440001R01.htm
    Just follow the menu and continue with installation.

    If you have more questions you are welcome.

  3. Re: How to reformat Satellite C660?
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    Jun 2012
    Thanks Dr, I'll give it a go over the next few days :-) Im a bit worried about formatting it, heard bad stories from others that have formatted their comps & couldnt get them working again :/

  4. Re: How to reformat Satellite C660?
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    Donít worry about anything. Just use recovery discs and reinstall original Toshiba recovery image.
    Everything will be OK.

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