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Thread: Re: Satellite C660/1J2 and new BIOS

  1. Satellite C660/1J2 - old BIOS v1.70 instead of v1.90
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    Feb 2010
    I wonder if someone can assist, the compter has bios win-1.90 issued feb 2012, looked today and they have issued new bios 1.70 dated 1/06/2012.

    What gives there is no record of 1.90 version and I guess 1.70 is much earlier ??? and if one does a search on web (non Toshiba site) it shows toshiba 1.90 as latest.

    Before anyone ask why do I need need Bios, some times have improvements

    Tony Miller

  2. Re: Satellite C660/1J2 and new BIOS
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    Feb 2005
    I’ve checked Toshiba support page and you are right. Offered BIOS version is 1.70. I don’t know why lower version number is offered as latest BIOS update.

    Anyway, check Toshiba page next days. Maybe newest version will be offered.
    But let’s be realistic, if your notebook runs well you don’t need BIOS update. If you don’t have some serious problems don’t change anything.

  3. Re: Satellite C660/1J2 - old BIOS v1.70 instead of v1.90
    Maybe something went wrong during the upload… who knows…
    I think you should monitor this and would recommend checking the update during the next days…

    Hopefully BIOS v1.90 would appear instead of v1.70

  4. Re: Satellite C660/1J2 - old BIOS v1.70 instead of v1.90
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    Hi guys

    The BIOS v1.90 seems to be available now…on Toshiba European driver page appears the BIOS as uploaded at 04.06.2012


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