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Thread: Satellite P200D - black screen and unresponsive while still running

  1. Satellite P200D - black screen and unresponsive while still running
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    Jun 2012
    Hello everyone,i own a Toshiba Satellite P200D-107 PSPBLE with the fallowing configuration:

    Processor: Turion x2 ,TL-52 64 bit 1.6 Ghz
    Display: 17.3 inch
    Graphics: Ati radeon x1200
    Ram: 2x512 mb ram(1 gb total) which i upgraded to 1x2000 mb and 1x512 mb (for a total of 2.5 gb)
    Power: Running on direct power cable without the battery

    Although the pc is quite old its basically new it barely has 1 year of normal usage on it.


    The screen goes black (no flashing cursor) although the screen still has the backlight running,the laptop is still powered but its basicly in a sort of deep hibernation with fan still running.
    The laptop screen will go off 5-10 minutes after windows loads, even if in idle,it also shuts down during os installation.
    I`ve tried letting music run and the music stops when the screen goes black so does all hdd activity which i think indicates that its not related to the video chip.


    1.Opened up the laptop and cleaned any dust processor,now processor temp is max 50, same for the hdd
    2.Update the bios from the original to 1.70 - didn`t help
    3.Conected external monitor it also shuts down same time as laptop screen indicating its not a screen issue
    4.Reinstalled OS multiple times
    5.Tested the memory with memtest64 - no errors
    6.Tested the hdd with hddregenerator - no errors

    What i noticed:

    If i leave just one 512 mb ram in the laptop then the laptop will not shut down at all even in windows intensive apps,tried running a game to rule out video card and it works no problem for hours but as soon as i add the 2gb stick or the other origianal 512 stick it will get the black screen withing 5-10 min (or earlier) of entering windows.

    It will never shut down in dos mode(like in memtest,hddregen)even with 2.5 gb ram.

    After the lcd goes black if i shut it down and then try to power it back up it will not work at all,the screen will stay black with fan running and cd-rom booting,i must absolutely disconect the power cord and re-attach it before it will start up again.

    Anyone have any ideas,i`m experienced with pc`s but have never came across something as weird as this,i just can not explain this problem thats came right out of the blue.

  2. Re: Satellite P200D - black screen and unresponsive while still running
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    Jun 2012
    Toshiba wake up ,this forum is a total joke, you`d think you`d be able to afford hiring a bunch of technicians to actually help people instead of relying on forum users to do your job for your, no point in having a forum if you don`t have staff to actually help people with their problems.

  3. Re: Satellite P200D - black screen and unresponsive while still running
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    Nov 2011
    I think your motherboard could be faulty

    PS: your last message is totally useless here… its user community...if you want to help others, do that… since others try to help you too.

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