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Thread: Satellite T130 -Black screen- HDMI works perfectly

  1. Satellite T130 -Black screen- HDMI works perfectly
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    May 2012
    The problem started as a HDMI-cable was plugged into my running Satellite T130-17E and the screen was closed down. From that point the notebook screen stopped working. When booting the windows start-up logo is on for a couple of seconds and just before the entering the desktop the cursor is visible on the screen. But except from these short moments there is no action on the notebooks screen. When I reinstalled the driver to the graphic card there was some short moments (less than 0,5 sec) when the screen was active.

    I can use the notebook without any problems via HDMI to my TV. And when I adjust the screens brightness (FN+F6/F7) the black screen can get more back-lighted.

    When I turn off the HDMI-output or plugs it out - nothing happens on the notebooks screen.

    Can some of you please try to help me out as I really need my notebook to work normal again. If you can help me sort out this problem I'll be very grateful-

    Kind Regards,
    Jacob Lindberg

  2. Re: Satellite T130 -Black screen- HDMI works perfectly
    Hello Jacob

    Start your notebook with HDMI cable and wait until windows is fully loaded. When you see the desktop on the TV use FN+F5 key combination and switch to the LCD back.

    Can you do this?
    Does it work?

  3. Re: Satellite T130 -Black screen- HDMI works perfectly
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    May 2012
    When I use FN+F5 to use LCD only - there is a very short moment when i can see the dekstop on the notebook screen, but then it turns black again.

    When I try to duplicate the output on HDMI and on the notebook screen - the notebook black is very backlighted when compared to the notebook screen when only the HDMI-output is used. When I switch between the different options on FN+F5 there is som very short moments when some the the notebook screen is active - but it is like a millisecond.

    Is there any thing else I can do?

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  4. Re: Satellite T130 -Black screen- HDMI works perfectly

    I recommend starting the notebook in Safe Mode to check if the internal display would functions again.
    Power up the unit and press F8. Then choose “Safe Mode” and see what happens.
    If the screen would be visible in Safe Mode, uninstall the display driver and reboot the notebook once again trying to boot in Normal Mode.

    Additionally I think you should access the BIOS and should sets it to default settings.

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