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Thread: Very low sound on Satellite L655-13U

  1. Very low sound on Satellite L655-13U
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    May 2012
    Hi friends..

    after long search for support.. i came here to this forum to seek some help.

    i have toshiba sattelite L655-13 (PSK IEE) installed windows 7 64bit OS.. the problem is very low sound. even the volume controller sound level set to max.. still very low. play and movies , youtube or yahoo messenger.. its very low.

    i ahve installed the latest drivers.. and i tried the all posibilities to find the solution. but still no luck.

    please can anyone advise me the possible solution to improve the volume.

    my email ID is salahaddinm@gmail.com

  2. Re: Very low sound on Satellite L655-13U
    Have you checked volume level on certain application or players that you use?
    Be sure it is also set to maximum level.

    Do you use Winamp, windows media player or VLC player maybe?

  3. Re: Very low sound on Satellite L655-13U
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    Sep 2009

    Low sound?
    Its not easy to say if it’s a issue or if you just thinking that this is a problem.

    I checked the speaker specifications of this laptop and the notebook supports common “stereo” speakers.
    Some multimedia notebooks are equipped with Harman Kardon speakers.
    Such speakers are much powerful and provide louder and powerful sound. But your notebook supports simple stereo speakers.
    My Tecra A10 speakers are also not loud… but this is not a “hardware” or “software” problem.

    What you can do is to set all sound volume level to higher value. In task bar click right on speaker icon, then choose “Open volume mixer” and here you should see different volume controls… set all to max level….
    I think this is everything what you can do…

  4. Re: Very low sound on Satellite L655-13U
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    May 2012
    Thanks for your response..

    the sound is low mean very low... i can not hear properly. and the sound volume is on max volume. any video played in youtube..sound is very low.

    i am surpriced that non of the toshiba engineer to responded my issue.

    since this laptop is i3 and not outdated system...how can they use this kind of speakers which are useless.

    i hope to find some utlitiy that can increase volume.

    thanks to every one for there kind response to my request.

  5. Re: Very low sound on Satellite L655-13U
    On “low budget” notebooks Toshiba build-in stereo speakers only. Other machines have high quality Harman/Kardon speakers.

    I really don’t know why you cannot increase volume level. I had L300 with the same speakers and sound was OK. Not the best but OK. If you use your notebook placed on the desk only, I recommend you to buy external speakers. Place them near the notebook and enjoy video content.

  6. Re: Very low sound on Satellite L655-13U
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    Nov 2004
    Been a problem on most L models nothing can be dont except use amped speakers,why tosh spoil their computers for the sake of decent speakers and sound card,my opinion

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