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Thread: Win 7 restore without recovery disk on Satellite L350-277

  1. Win 7 restore without recovery disk on Satellite L350-277
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    May 2012
    Hi all,

    I am trying to fix my sister-in-law's Satelite L350-277 following a failed HDD. Prior to failure it was running Win7 Home Premium (32bit) which was preinstalled on HDD. I managed to run Belarc on it before it completely went, but wasn't able to create restore disk in time.

    HDD failure appears to be due to bad sectors, and once failed, couldn't get past Startup Repair. Upon checking HDD (in USB enclosure), both C: and D: (backup partition) appeared intact, so guessed it was issue with MBR. I used Clonezilla to clone to new HDD and am now working on that - failing HDD is still as it was incase I need to clone again.

    With the clone of the HDD, I first tried using bootrec.exe but some how managed to "break" C: and couldn't see anything in the partition.

    BTW I am currently using a retail DVD copy of Win 7 to provide the "restore" functions. However the Toshiba Restore functions don't appear in the option list. So I then decided to just install the retail copy on C: to see if I could access the toshiba restore functions using data in D: That didn't seem to work either.

    Then I came across this thread which gave me hope in being able to boot the Toshiba recory tool:

    I was hoping that Vista and Win7 preinstalls would be very similar, however the HDD only has one recovery partition (D:\ HDDRecovery) and I seem to fall down at step 13. There are two boot.wim files in this partition: "D:\hddrecovery\oddfiles\sources\boot.wim" and "D:\hddrecovery\oddfiles\hddprep\sources\boot.wim" . Imaging either of these files fails to result in the file as per step 13. Then again the guide is based around the Vista install...

    So what I am trying to do is to recover the data from the old HDD with the corrupted boot record, in order to restore the Toshiba Preinstalled Win 7 OS. I appear to have the data (old HDD still has files) just don't seem to have enough knowledge right now to do it!

    Can anyone help me?

  2. Re: Win 7 restore without recovery disk
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    On one side I can understand your wish to install recovery image but on other side, for me personally, it is nothing but wasting your time for nothing. Generally speaking recovery image is designed not to be copied or manipulated so this guy was very lucky.

    Problem is that recovery disc was not created after notebook purchase.

    Maybe it sounds stupid to you but I recommend you to order original recovery disc for this machine.
    You can order it on https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx
    It costs 30 Euro only. For this money you will get original recovery disc that includes activated operating system, all necessary drivers, tools, utilities and few additional and useful applications.

    Using this disc you will be able to have perfectly working machine in 2 hours only.

    One more thing: usage of this disc is unlimited and you can use it 1000 times and every time you will have activated and perfectly configured OS.

  3. Re: Win 7 restore without recovery disk on Satellite L350-277
    I think its not a bad idea to order the recovery disk…
    I mean 30Euros are not really a high price for a disk with Windows 7 OS, drivers and all the tools.

    Using this you will be able to set the notebook back to factory settings…
    But of course you can still use the Win 7 genuine disk and could download the missing drivers from Toshiba European driver page.

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