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Thread: How to reformat my Satellite A665D

  1. How to reformat my Satellite A665D
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    Apr 2012

    I'm ayen,
    I just want to ask if you know how to reformat my Toshiba netbook?
    It has a lot of virus and I want to clean it, coz my antivirus had run out of date..

    pls help me! Iím already getting worried that my netbook would just shut down any moment...tnx!

  2. Re: How to reformat my Satellite A665D

    Iím wondering if you take some time to read similar threads here in the forum.
    Usually you should be able to recover and to reinstall the notebook using the HDD recovery.

    Check this Toshiba document how to proceeds:
    +How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure+

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