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Thread: Plugging Satellite L500-19Z into TV

  1. Plugging Satellite L500-19Z into TV
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    Apr 2012

    I have a L500-19Z laptop and wish to plug it into TV to watch films. Noticed it has an HDMI port.

    Would an HDMI cable be sufficient to plug into TV? It also has another port similar to a DV port? can you use this also? if so what cable would I need for the latter.


  2. Re: Plugging Satellite L500-19Z into TV
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    Sep 2009
    If your notebook and TV have HDMI ports then buy high quality HDMI cable and use it to cvonnect your notebook to the TV.

  3. Re: Plugging Satellite L500-19Z into TV
    Notebook supports definitely a HDMI out port.
    If your TV supports the HDMI in port, then you can connect the notebook to such TV using HDMI cable.

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