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Thread: Satellite L735 taking longer than usual to start-up

  1. Satellite L735 taking longer than usual to start-up
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    Apr 2012
    My toshiba Satellite L735 was taking longer than usual to startup (more than a minute, usually takes 40 secs) gave it to the service centre, they said they updates the BIOS, optimised processor calculation, formatted it.

    It was fine again, but the problem was back in less than a month, took it again, the person at the counter just reduced the unnecessary programs from the boot list, came back home to notice it was taking even longer to startup (more than 2 mins).

    When i switch it on, its all fine i get the windows logo in no time, but after that a black screen appears and stays for about a minute and a half, then the homescreen appears, the windows startup sound thats supposed to play as soon as the homescreen appears plays about 40 secs aftr the homescreen has appeared.

    Please help.
    Thank you.

  2. Re: Satellite L735 taking longer than usual to start-up
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    Sep 2009

    The notebook seems to load the windows slowly because too many processes would be loaded at the beginning.
    First of all I recommend downloading and installing the CCLeaner. This freeware tool would help you to clean the registry and to remove the garbage from the system.

    Furthermore you should check your processes which would be loaded at the beginning.
    Start msconfig and go to StartUp tab. Here you can disable no necessary and not important processes.
    I don’t know how many computer experience you have so be careful with that.
    If you don’t know exactly what the single process does, google for more details.
    Removing a mark near the process will disable this… you can enable this later too…

    Furthermore I would recommend checking your antivirus software… I switched from Norton Antivirus to Avira Antivir software because it much faster and does not need a lot of hardware resources… the Avira antivir is freeware software so you can install and use it for free.

    Last but not least defragment the HDD to ensure faster data access…

    Good luck

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