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Thread: Satellite L755 would not charge the battery

  1. Satellite L755 would not charge the battery
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    Hi all. I purchased a new laptop today.. it would not charge the battery so I exchanged it in store. The replacement also has this problem. Am I doing something wrong or have I just been unlucky?

    The battery icon at the lower right of the screen tells me that the battery is 0% charged, but is charging.The red light on the laptop near front left is lit as if to show that the battery is charging also.

    Yet the battery is not charging.

    If I were to unplug the laptop from the mains, the laptop switches off instanty.

    This is the second brand new laptop with the same problem today. Perhaps part of a defective battery batch or is it a problem that can be corrected with software? I don't want to have to take the laptop back to the store for a second time in day.

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  2. Re: Satellite L755 would not charge the battery
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    If the notebook shuts down immediately after the AC adaptor has been disconnected, then this means that the battery is empty and not charged.
    Are you sure that you plugged the battery properly into the battery bay?
    Please check this if the battery fits correctly.

    Additionally I recommend removing the battery and disconnecting the AC adaptor.
    Then press power button 30sec long and plug both parts again.
    Then leave the notebook connected to mains for a longer period of time (2-3 hours).
    Then check the battery charging levelÖ

    If it would still stay at 0% then I would recommend visiting you dealer and to check other unit or battery.

  3. Re: Satellite L755 would not charge the battery
    Start notebook without battery. When the Windows is fully loaded put battery in place and check what happen with the battery.

    If the problem persists Iím afraid you must visit your local dealer one more time. As far as I know such issue cannot be fixed by software.

    But what I want to know is follow: when you got new notebook what have you done exactly? Usually you should connect it to the mains and leave for a while and then start it for the first time.

  4. Re: Satellite L755 would not charge the battery
    I replaced my battery cells with new ones of my satellite L755 Laptop. It turns on when plugged on charging, but instantly turns off when charger removed, the battery icon shows 72% charging all the time and never gets fully charged. Please help.

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