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Thread: Qosmio G20 -156 Internal Battery issue

  1. Qosmio G20 -156 Internal Battery issue
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    Apr 2012
    Having sent the G20 back under warranty for a complete overhaul I got it back and put it away. It was not used for 2 years after checking everything was working ok. Now when I switch it on I get a dos like screen and I am told the internal battery has gone!

    I did not even know it had one which apparently runs out after about 5 years. Is this true and if so why does no one tell you about this. It is also apparently only accessible if you strip most of the computer down - is this correct and why is this so inaccessible?

    Do they assume these machines are not going to last 5 years?
    What are my options, is this worth the time and money to get the battery replaced or should I just sell the computer as its set to factory settings as new.
    Opinions would be appreciated.

  2. Re: Qosmio G20 -156 Internal Battery issue
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    I think you mean the BIOS battery (also called CMOS battery).
    Its mounted (in many cases also soldered) on the motherboard and this battery provides power for BIOS.

    Usually this battery would be charged always when the AC adaptor is connected and the notebook is powered ON.

    As far as I know the battery should be charged for about 18 hours in order to get it fully charged. So connect the AC adaptor and leave the notebook running for a longer period of time (18h). then check if this battery would be charged.
    If not, then the service technician should check this and if necessary this part should be replaced.

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