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Thread: Satelite T130 cannot restart (reboot)

  1. Satelite T130 cannot restart (reboot)
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    Apr 2012
    I have Satelite T130-10G PST3AE bios v2.7 and it cannot restart.
    After restart the screen blanks the fan makes becames noisy for short time and that is all.
    To start it again it is necessary to switch it off and on. It starts normaly.

    Restarts were attempted from Win7, Fedora Linux, Bios setup (when saved), ctrl-alt-del before operating system start (boot menu). The result was always as was described.

    Thank you for any hint.

  2. Re: Satelite T130 cannot restart (reboot)
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    Jun 2009
    I think it is hardware related issue since this issue seems to appear using all the different systems (windows, linux)

    But did you already try the new OS installation? If not do that!

    Back to the idea where the hardware could malfunction:
    In my opinion firstly the RAM modules should be tested and checked. Since the RAM modules could cause such or similar issues, I think this is a good idea to check this part.
    The best would be the usage of new, good tested modules.

    But if motherboard is affected, the new modules would not be helpful very much :(

  3. Re: Satelite T130 cannot restart (reboot)
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    Sep 2009
    Hi IvHe

    Did you solve the issue?
    If yes how?

    I agree with Paolo…hardware might be faulty…so in worst case the technician should check the parts to discover what part is not ok.

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