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Thread: Replacing SSD on Portege R600

  1. Replacing SSD on Portege R600
    I have R600-10X with 128Gb SSD and I wanted to replace it with faster/roomier drive, but inside instead of the SATA drive, I have found ZIF40 drive. Same as in this pic that someone else has posted: http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/3953/portegessd.jpg

    Is there any way to have a new SATA SSD drive like Intel 320 connected to this notebook? There is a lot of suggestions in the forums that R600 does support SATA SSDs, however nobody has confirmed it clearly.

    Any info appreciated.

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  2. Re: Replacing SSD on Portege R600
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    > here is a lot of suggestions in the forums that R600 does support SATA SSDs

    The Portege R600-10X has been equipped with an SATA SSD drive…so I don’t understand why someone says that R600 does not support the SSD drives…

    The notebook supports the SATA interface therefore you have to use SSD/HDD which supports the same SATA interface… some if the SSD drives requires an firmware update but this should be provided by SSD drive manufacturer…

  3. Re: Replacing SSD on Portege R600
    Since the original drive uses a SATA ZIF connector, you need to buy a 1.8" SSD with the same connector. Make sure the pin count on the connector is the same since there are different ZIF designs.
    I don't know if they are available from other manufacturers.

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