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Thread: Satellite E300 cannot connect to WLan

  1. Satellite E300 cannot connect to WLan
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    Mar 2012

    I have also bought a new Toshiba Satellite e300 yesterday. I have the same issues and have updated to the latest firmware. What is perplexing is, I have 3 other laptops(mac, older toshiba & acer) and 3 iphones, they are all able to connect to my wireless lan and it's only the new toshiba that can't.

    The other devices could see other wireless lans in my vicinity while the new toshiba could only see my own wireless with only a bar of signal strength.

    Seems like the Atheros device is the only issue. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. Re: Satellite E300 cannot connect to WLan
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    Dec 2004
    >...updated to the latest firmware
    Firmware? What firmware?

    Maybe other laptops donít use WLAN standard n and your new laptop can do this. Who knows which standards use all these WLANs. Try to check WLAN settings on your router and your new Toshiba.

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