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Thread: Overheating Satellite P105-SP6022

  1. Overheating Satellite P105-SP6022
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    Mar 2012
    after installing windows 7 vents are no working properly.
    when I enter the setup if they do but when I boot win7 stop working.

    please help
    Aquiles Pecchio

  2. Re: Overheating Satellite P105-SP6022
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    May 2010
    >after installing windows 7 vents are no working properly.
    What do you mean exactly?

    What happen when you start Win7? Does notebook switch-off or what? Is maybe too hot?

  3. Re: Overheating Satellite P105-SP6022
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    Sep 2009

    Iím not quite sure why your fans donít work after the Win 7 installation but I would recommend checking the BIOS firstly.
    It seems that the latest available BIOS for this series is BIOS v4.80-WIN
    If you donít have the latest BIOS installed, try the update.

    Furthermore I recommend installing the VAP (value added package) and the drivers like chipset utility.

    Toshiba Satellite P105-SP6022 PSPA6U seems to belongs to the Toshiba US series but you can also visit the Toshiba European driver page to get the drivers for Satellite P100 PSPA6E seriesÖ this is the same series like the US series PSPA6U.

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