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Thread: Satellite P300-20H Keeps shutting down

  1. Satellite P300-20H Keeps shutting down
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    Mar 2012
    When starting the power and satellite logo lights up for five seconds and then switches off. Interchanged the memory modules. (2 x 2 gb ddr2 6400), took out the hard drive, dvd drive keyboard and wireless modem. Still the same.

    Took the battery and charger off and dissipated power by holding power button for thirty seconds. Checked the fan and it is clean. Tried again and still a problem. Anyone any ideas what to try next.

    Thanks in advance. Jimbo

  2. Re: Satellite P300-20H Keeps shutting down
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    Jun 2009
    Looks like the serious motherboard problem.
    Are you sure that the memory modules are OK?
    I had similar issue and one of the modules was faulty.
    I would still recommend checking this using new, tested modules.
    But of course, it can be an motherboard issue and this means that the fix would be a costly affair.

  3. Re: Satellite P300-20H Keeps shutting down
    I agree, sounds like a Mainboard related problem. It may be cheaper buying a newer model notebook than repairing it.

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